Mary Mary: I vow to live in the moment😘 Dedication Alisa: I vow to never take anything for granted Dedication Nancy: I vow to always treat people how I want to be treated

Stefanie Olson


Stefanie Olson

The She Builds Show

Stefanie is a licensed general contractor who builds new construction, renovates, and designs your vision. Today more than ever, we need raw authentic women who are willing to rise above society’s norms, break those glass ceilings and encourage each other to boldly build the life we were meant to live.

The She Builds Show is a place where you can ask questions about business finances, flipping, remodels new construction, as well as feature women who are crushing it, and women who are struggling, because this is a non-judgmental zone of authentic conversations that lead to powerful insights that hopefully will make you think deeply about your choices and make you consider what you’re building.

So honey, what are you building?

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